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Tall pampas grass on a beach
bohemian woman wearing boho style jewelry and headband

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boho halo logo with words and wing outline

Handmade things with wings

Bohemian inspired clothing & jewelry for those with a free spirit.


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Headband / Necklace

Worn as a Choker or a Halo. Featuring an adjustable closure

for a custom and comfortable fit, bound with metallic strings that dangle our signature wings.

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Leather & Suade Jackets

Each Boho Moto jacket is handsewn and designed to be one of a kind. Most Moto's are constructed from vintage or second hand motorcycle jackets...

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Natural Stone Bracelets

Natural agate crystal bracelets. Agate stones are know for rebalancing and harmonizing

 the body, mind & spirit...


Patch Flannel Jackets

Each Band Flannel is handmade and designed to be one of a kind.  Sizing and fit will vary from each piece. Worn casual and oversized...


Boho Dream Catchers

Live by the sun, dream by the moon. Dreamcatchers represent the cosmo between our cosmo and our mind...

Tall pampas grass on a beach

Hey boho babes!

Fashion designer Aja, owner of boho halo working in her home studio on Long Island, New York

15% Off All Items


 Boho Halo originated from the creative mind of Aja Ann Camerlingo. As a former fashion stylist, her lifelong fascination with colors and textiles has evolved into a keen sense of taste and innovative eye for design.

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